Since before becoming a family, Anthony and I always said Sundays were family days. No matter what we did during the week or what was going on in our lives, Sunday we would come together as a family.

Last week, we had lunch with our pastor to plan A.J’s presentation in our church.

(We don’t believe in baptizing children so instead we present them to God so he may guide him through life. I’m pretty new in this church so I’m still working out the kinks myself.)

Anyway, we had lunch in the cutest little restaurant that we must have walked by a hundred times and never noticed. So, for family day, we went back there to have lunch together.



I never want A.J to feel like we don’t spend any time with him or that we’re too busy to be together. (It also felt good to take a break from my MIL and her son. We never get time alone and sometimes they can get under our skin. FYI: we live together. Sigh.).




It was sunny and windy but we enjoyed it anyway. After a little shopping & some public breastfeeding, we headed home (ugh). I spent the night cuddling with my boys and just thinking about the blessing that I had received with them. I don’t know where or who I would be without them in my life and I will love them forever.





My little boy is growing so fast I don’t even know what to do with myself. It feels like no time has passed since his birth and yet he’s already two months and doesn’t need his car seat on his stroller anymore! I’m happy to see him grow but sad to think he won’t be my baby forever. Bittersweet.



(I’m sure you’ve noticed how grumpy he is. Like his father, he’s very selective about his happy moments lol)



God bless!


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