Scrolling around WordPress, I found a picture of a young woman who was 26 weeks pregnant. She looks so happy and eager and I just remember the feeling: knowing but not REALLY knowing what’s to come. I was so happy to be carrying my first child and all I could think about was how pretty I felt (at least in my second trimester) and how much I wanted to meet him. I can’t say my entire pregnancy was a happy one. There was a lot of drama going on with our families (still happening) which made it really hard on me. But just being pregnant was enough for me. My husband was super supportive and I know for my next pregnancy, I’ll prepare myself to enjoy it way more. I have some pictures during my pregnancy and I tried keeping a journal but between school, work and resting, it was too much. I wish I could have documented more of it for A.J. but maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I wish the girl in the picture a happy pregnancy and all the other moms-to-be out there: get ready. It’s going to be quite a ride.

At school (don’t remember how far along I was in any of these) :Image

A little scare near Christmas: Image

Christmas :



& then…







God bless!


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