New York, New York

For Family Day (Sunday), we decided to hit Manhattan. It was 70 degrees but still really windy. We popped A.J in the stroller and headed out to Central Park West. During my pregnancy, I worked at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf around there so I visited some old coworkers and we had our favorite drinks. We walked all through Central Park; it felt so good. It was quiet, peaceful and we had good conversation. When it was time to breastfeed A.J, I got weird looks from everyone. New York is such a city of convenience and hustle & bustle that I guess an exclusively breastfeeding mother in public is outrageous. Oh well.

A.J pretty much slept the whole time but I was still happy to visit Central Park for the first time. I’m a terrible New Yorker because I haven’t seen anything here. So Anthony & I made a promise to try as much as we can this last year in NY before we move to Florida. I don’t want to leave without saying I did it all & Im a New Yorker. So, here goes nothing.






Off to co-sleep!
God bless.


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