All my life, I’ve been socially awkward. Somehow, I’ve still made friends (although I only have one or two now, none that live anywhere near me). In addition to being socially awkward, I have no fashion sense. I couldn’t put together an outfit to save my life. I once had an interview for a store on Fifth Avenue and she asked me to put together an outfit as a test. I panicked as I rummaged through the store looking for a t-shirt, jeans and Chucks. That’s all I can really pull off in my opinion and much to my dismay, Fifth Avenue lacks in that department.

As a mom, I’ve become even worse. Frumpy might be the right word. I have no clothes, my old ones don’t fit….hell, I barely do my hair. I truly hate that about myself. I want to feel good about how I dress and I want to learn to be a little trendy. I’m sick and tired of looking in distress when I’m shopping because everything feels awkward. Shopping scares the hell out of me; I haven’t stepped foot in a clothing store since December and I came home in tears because I couldn’t find a bra that fit.

It’s terrible. Anyone out there want to help? Maybe recommend a fashion blog or something?! I don’t want to be that frumpy mom. I want to feel beautiful and confident. I WANT TO SHOP FEARLESSLY. For God’s sake, Im only 21 years old. I need to get it together.


(I know you’ve noticed I don’t take any pictures of myself.)

God bless.


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