I have been so preoccupied with A.Js christening and school. I miss posting! I will be posting again soon. Here’s a quick pic of my prince tonight. He’s a week from 3 months and its unreal. More pics and posts soon.


I could never live without him again. Life meant nothing before he came along.

God bless all!


Speed Growing

There are only 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and the day he goes to college.

If that doesn’t tell you how fast time flies, I don’t know what will. My little boy is on his way to three months and its so bittersweet. I remember my little newborn who knew nothing and needed me desperately. Now I have this smiling, kicking, nursing pro who loves to stand up on my lap when I try to burp him.




I can believe it’s almost Mother’s Day. My very first. I’ve always thought about what it would be like. Anthony isn’t the most romantic husband in the world (he was when we were dating but I guess all his ideas died lol). But I know he’ll try to make me feel special one way or another. A veteran infantryman can only come up with so much & I’ll take it any day. He makes me happy and special just being by my side every day, raising A.J. My son is obviously clueless to the concept of Mother’s Day but he’s already given me the best gift: being his mother. He’s changed me so much. It’s incredible.

A.J., I’m so proud of you & all you’ve learned baby. You’re growing too fast! Lol I can barely keep up. Every night you make my eyes water from happiness when you have your “conversations” with your father. You have so much you want to say and in time you’ll be saying them all. I love you more than I can understand. I look at women who leave their children or mistreat them & I can’t imagine ever leaving much less mistreating you. Life without you? What’s that even like anymore? & I know someday when you’re older you’ll piss me off but I’ll never make you feel unwanted because you’re not only wanted, you’re needed. Te amo mi vida. Keep growing big and strong but give me time to catch up! Lol




During my pregnancy, I gained a ton of weight and I never thought about how I would feel about my body postpartum. Two months after A.J was born, Im starting to really notice my unhealthy eating habits and I really want to change and get into shape. I look square and let’s not even talk about jean sizes. I tried on jeans the other day and almost cried.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed of my body because it is a result of a beautiful miracle. I’m just trying to have a healthier lifestyle so I could teach A.J later on.

I have a weird living situation so it’s hard to eat healthy when buying food is a community thing. Or am I just making excuses for myself? Who knows?

All I know: dieting is hard when breastfeeding so ill have to make do with my daily walks with A.J and healthier food choices.

This is me the week I gave birth. Huge ass belly. And I haven’t taken a body picture in forever.


God bless.


The other day we were all shopping and Anthony had a small argument with his mother. My mother-in-law thinks I’m a bitch and I’m raising my son wrong because I like to have him 99% of the time (1% with Anthony…maybe lol). Anthony called her out and told her that I love A.J with my entire life and he is all I have in this world. My family has failed me countless times and I’ve been very lonely for a long time. I only had my godmother and a few cousins be there for me during my pregnancy and when I gave birth. The rest of my family likes to be nonexistent. So Anthony told her that all I have is A.J so how can she blame me when I have no one else?

I admit I was shocked to hear him say that but he couldn’t be more right. I would give my life for A.J and he needs me. I am comforted knowing he won’t leave me and after a rough pregnancy emotionally, I don’t plan on letting him go either. I wish she would understand that and get off my case. Everyone on his side of the family tries to push my buttons and prove how wrong I am. Give me a break. I don’t HAVE to share him, I choose to.

I never get tired of my son. I don’t wait for someone to take over when I want to chill. I chill with him or when he’s napping. Everyone finds it bizarre but I don’t mind spending all my time with him. Am I selfish for that? Am I a bad mother?

All I know is if ever push comes to shove, my only family consists of Anthony & A.J. At least thy what Anthony always says.


God bless.

2 months

My chubbas finally hit two months and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s been a true blessing to be a mother and a wife to these two men. They are my world. A.J has grown so much so fast but it’s so bittersweet.

Along with turning two months old, the time for his shots has arrived. Ugh, I’ve been dreading this. I was mentally preparing myself to see him go through that and not know what’s happening. I held his hands as he kicked happily, not knowing what was about to happen. The nurse walked in with all her evil needles and I cringed for him. As soon as he felt the first one, he started screaming with tears running down his chubby cheeks. I cried with him (Anthony couldn’t understand why lol). There’s nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and all you can do is watch helplessly. I know what you might be thinking: “It’s just shots. Could be worse.” But hey, it’s all I’ve seen so far. After she was done I took him in my arms and breastfed him. Kisses and reassuring words were the least I could give him with some breast and I refused to leave the room until he was asleep (nurses kept asking for the room). The rest of the day he slept, drowsy from all the vaccines. A little Tylenol for his pain at night and he’s been cranky before bed. Poor baby. I feel so helpless. One thing I always tell him is that Im always going to be here for him and I will always find a way to help him. Even kissing his booboos or owies lol.




I love it when he yawns lol

God bless!