The other day we were all shopping and Anthony had a small argument with his mother. My mother-in-law thinks I’m a bitch and I’m raising my son wrong because I like to have him 99% of the time (1% with Anthony…maybe lol). Anthony called her out and told her that I love A.J with my entire life and he is all I have in this world. My family has failed me countless times and I’ve been very lonely for a long time. I only had my godmother and a few cousins be there for me during my pregnancy and when I gave birth. The rest of my family likes to be nonexistent. So Anthony told her that all I have is A.J so how can she blame me when I have no one else?

I admit I was shocked to hear him say that but he couldn’t be more right. I would give my life for A.J and he needs me. I am comforted knowing he won’t leave me and after a rough pregnancy emotionally, I don’t plan on letting him go either. I wish she would understand that and get off my case. Everyone on his side of the family tries to push my buttons and prove how wrong I am. Give me a break. I don’t HAVE to share him, I choose to.

I never get tired of my son. I don’t wait for someone to take over when I want to chill. I chill with him or when he’s napping. Everyone finds it bizarre but I don’t mind spending all my time with him. Am I selfish for that? Am I a bad mother?

All I know is if ever push comes to shove, my only family consists of Anthony & A.J. At least thy what Anthony always says.


God bless.


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