Speed Growing

There are only 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and the day he goes to college.

If that doesn’t tell you how fast time flies, I don’t know what will. My little boy is on his way to three months and its so bittersweet. I remember my little newborn who knew nothing and needed me desperately. Now I have this smiling, kicking, nursing pro who loves to stand up on my lap when I try to burp him.




I can believe it’s almost Mother’s Day. My very first. I’ve always thought about what it would be like. Anthony isn’t the most romantic husband in the world (he was when we were dating but I guess all his ideas died lol). But I know he’ll try to make me feel special one way or another. A veteran infantryman can only come up with so much & I’ll take it any day. He makes me happy and special just being by my side every day, raising A.J. My son is obviously clueless to the concept of Mother’s Day but he’s already given me the best gift: being his mother. He’s changed me so much. It’s incredible.

A.J., I’m so proud of you & all you’ve learned baby. You’re growing too fast! Lol I can barely keep up. Every night you make my eyes water from happiness when you have your “conversations” with your father. You have so much you want to say and in time you’ll be saying them all. I love you more than I can understand. I look at women who leave their children or mistreat them & I can’t imagine ever leaving much less mistreating you. Life without you? What’s that even like anymore? & I know someday when you’re older you’ll piss me off but I’ll never make you feel unwanted because you’re not only wanted, you’re needed. Te amo mi vida. Keep growing big and strong but give me time to catch up! Lol




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