New beginning

It has been such a long time since I’ve last posted anything. During the course of these past four months so much has happened, so much has changed and I feel my growth beginning.

My husband and I are no longer together. I’m going to be brutally honest and just tell you he decided being on his own was better than being with AJ and me. Some veterans just like it that way.

AJ is now 8 months and we currently live in Puerto Rico. It’s a major change from NY but I appreciate it now because I hear it’s getting cold up there lol.

On a serious note: Our separation hit me like a train at full speed. I thought my world was falling apart.

This is where God comes in. God is amazing and powerful. He has given me this opportunity to become stronger and believe me, I have. I have been able to handle this situation with my head held high, waiting patiently for my promise. My promise of redemption.

This is MY time. Time to grow: as a mother, as a woman, spiritually, mentally and as someone’s potential wife. I am not a child anymore so childish things don’t consume me. They won’t distract me. I have no time for complaining, no time to waste. I’m focused on my goals for God, for my son and for myself.

I’m a single mother now: working, attending church and school regularly while still finding the time to play with my son, eat Cheerios and watch his favorite cartoons.

I’m going to be writing more now.
Thank you for being with me.

God bless!





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