Baby Food and Grownup Food

Here I am, laying in bed after a regular day at work. AJ is sleeping soundly on top of me. He went to sleep angry because he wanted to nurse again and we all know you can’t nurse twice back to back without some time lapse in between.

Today I’ve been thinking about cooking. About twice a week, I pretty much spend most of my day steaming up fresh fruit and vegetables for AJ. I wanted to feed him as naturally as I could from the beginning (considering how unhealthy I was when I was pregnant).

After six months of successfully (with a lot of help from God) breastfeeding him exclusively, I started feeding him solids. He loved it immediately. Then one day I was so swamped from work, I couldn’t make him food so I had to run out and buy him Beech-Nut food. One spoonful later, AJ was violently throwing up everywhere and we were rushing to the ER. Turns out he’s allergic. Go figure.

Since then, he’s been traumatized with food so I’ve had to be creative. First everything had to be a purée and fed through a bottle. It’s frustrating, I admit, but whatever gets the job done. Right? Now he’s expanding a little more. He likes fruit semi-frozen like a smoothie and Cheerios to munch for snacks. I’m starting to notice he likes crunchy things over mushy.

He’s 8 months now and he eats lots of fruits and veggies. I’m ecstatic. The Baby Bullet and Turbo Steamer are my best friends. They’ve been the best purchases I’ve made so far.

Now, here’s my worry. I’ve never been a great cook. My ex was a simple man when it came to food. Chicken breast, pizza, hot pockets and coffee. Now that I’m single again, I worry. I really want to advance my cooking. I want to be able to teach AJ to eat a variety of things and some day teach him to be able to cook for himself. I want my next husband to be happy to sit down for a meal I made (& yes, I plan to remarry, if God allows). It’s my next step of growth.

So, I’ve decided to do it. I will be waking up earlier than normal to learn more about cooking from my mother and her husband, who team up in the kitchen every day before work.

I’ll keep you guys posted on how that’s going.

Have a great night and God bless!


Can you tell he was upset? Lol


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