9 months!

My son turned 9 months old today. Whoa. I gave birth 9 whole months ago. It feels like so much longer though with all the stress I’ve had to deal with. The end of my relationship, the reconciliation with my family and starting life with AJ as a single mom.

I’ll admit: I was pretty depressed about being a single mom. I’d think,”great, everyone’s going to look at me as the stereotypical Latino girl who got knocked up and left alone by some thug.” Even though the only truth to that statement is that I’m Latina. I was married, in love with a veteran, pursuing my career and developing my family but it’s not like I can plaster that on my forehead so no one will judge.

I’m still working on my self-esteem. I’m a beautiful, intelligent woman. I created life out of love. Sure, I live with my mother as I try to stabilize my new life. My ex may think I’m a child for that but what he doesn’t realize is I work full-time and I’m a mother full-time. I work with my son next to me not to mention I breastfed exclusively for six months (while doing it alone). I attend church four times a week and I’m going to school. I’m definitely doing this. I’m only 21 years old and have so much potential. I’m living my life for God and my son.

I have a purpose.

Thanks for following me and joining me on this journey. I appreciate all your support. Now please enjoy the pictures of my date to church tonight 🙂

Happy 9 months monkey.






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