On feeling important and valued, and a Tale for the Time Being (in progress)

Another really touching post. I mean this hit home as well. Does anyone value my existence? Do people know how much I value theirs? When I read this, I instantly thought of my best friend from high school, Johnny. We were literally attached to the hip. He admitted to wanting to be with me but I pushed that idea away because I was young and there was no interest. Until the day Johnny wasn’t around anymore. I realized he was the man for me. He was everything I had ever looked for and I pushed away. I don’t think he ever knew how important he was to me. I never want someone to leave my life without knowing how valuable they are to me. I can be pretty bitchy sometimes, especially with my family but they mean the world to me. 2013 was a hard year for me and my family picked me up without question and helped me with A.J along the way. They really mean the world to me. I do admit to having a short fuse and very little patience (how unchristian of me) but it is definitely something I want to work on for my loved ones. I just wish I knew my value to them. I know my son would miss me if I were absent but what would everyone else feel?

Only You

I usually alternate my book posts and my “life” posts, but today I’m going to write both.

My first read of the new year is Ruth Ozeki’s 2013 Booker Prize finalist, A Tale for the Time Being, which I’m still in the middle of reading (and enjoying quite a lot). It’s the story of a writer, Ruth, who finds a Hello Kitty lunch box washed up on shore near her home on a Canadian island. When she opens the lunch box she finds the handwritten diary of a seemingly perky teenage girl, Nao, in Tokyo. She begins reading it, and learns quickly that Nao is in fact planning to kill herself. Nao recently returned to Japan with her parents after having spent her whole life in California, and she is being bullied relentlessly at school and her father is unable to find employment. Her father, thinking that he is of…

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