Happiness through the storm

Do you know what true happiness is?

I don’t think many people do.

You see, the Hebrew word in the Old Testament for happy is esher. The Greek word in the New Testament is makarios. Both words are also translated “blessed.” The person who feels blessed is happy.

It’s easy to say I’m blessed or happy when you have everything you want. You have may have a great husband or wife, great job, you’re doing financially well, your kids are awesome, everyone’s alive and healthy. You might as well be on Cloud 9. So what happens when you start taking things out of that equation, bring a storm of darkness among your happiness?

Are you still happy or blessed, then?

I think the people who are truly happy or blessed are those that don’t have all the things they want & are still content. The broken families, divorcees, those who lost loved ones, the people who are living check to check in small apartments, the sick & nearly dead. Isn’t it amazing when THOSE people smile, laugh or take pictures? They are blessed because through the storm, they find happiness, love & God. There are blessings in the tears!

I admit I don’t have everything I want. I’d like a husband who’s hard-working and family-oriented who loves me & AJ with all his being but loves God so much more that he leads us to Him.

I’d like a house with a backyard full of toys for AJ, maybe a small garden for me & a grill for our family barbecues.

I’d like my own car with the simple pleasure of knowing no one changed my radio station when I turn it on.

I’d like a stable financial situation where I don’t have to worry about buying AJ some milk.

I’d even like to have a fashionable bone in my body so I can rub some cool off on AJ Lol. (Outside of t-shirts and sneakers, I’m at a loss.)

If it’s God’s will, I’ll have all these things & more. If not, His plan is better than mine. But I AM happy. I’m blessed because I don’t have these things! I don’t have them because I don’t need them to do God’s will and how great is it that it’s working out for me!

The message I want to convey is it doesn’t matter whether you have these things you want or not. True happiness is loving,; it’s praising God through the storm. How can you know true happiness without experiencing the darkness?

Through my darkness, I know my God is there. I know my son is my world and he’s perfect the way he is. I know I’m strong beautiful and smart with a lot of growing up to do. That’s all I need to know to be completely happy through this storm.





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