I have officially started school this week! I’m so excited to go back to school again. I’m loving it so far. I’m meeting great people and learning so much.

Needless to say, AJ is not so thrilled. He’s been extremely cranky and making my mother’s life miserable while I’m in class. I’m still trying to figure out what to do about it lol




It’s only the first week and I can see how hard it’s going to be. Balancing mama duties with school and work is not going to be easy at all but Im facing this headfirst. I am so determined to accomplish all my dreams. Nothing will stop me. I’m happy with this blessing and all the other blessings I am receiving. I plan on taking full advantage of this situation before its gone.

I want my fellow mamas out there to know that people will make you feel as if your life is over if youre a young mother. THOSE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. Life has just begun! I can still work, go to school, hang with my friends, be in a relationship, travel and be a GREAT MOTHER. Its about wanting it and achieving it through balance.

Someday, my son won’t be cranky anymore and it will get easier. Someday, I will graduate and have more time for AJ. Someday, my income will be greater. Someday, my son is going to admire my achievements because I made it when everyone doubted me.

Stand strong, mamas. Our babies are counting on us.



Love my monkey. All I do is for him.


Valentine’s Day!

As we all know, I’m a single mother. So my lovely Valentine this year (& for many years to come) was AJ. We spent the day at work, bored out of our minds and acting silly.


After work, we went home and my mom did a Valentine’s family pajama party. We all got new pajamas, had a delicious dinner and took pictures. It was so much fun.




Without AJ, this holiday would have probably been a drag. AJ has united my family in a way that still amazes me. He motivates us to be silly and live our lives. Its magnificent. I wouldn’t trade any of it.


I’ve finally begun working out and eating clean! Im beyond happy. Ive been wanting to make a change in myself for a long time and I’m finally doing it.


I’ve been strapping AJ to his Moby Wrap and walking to work sometimes or I pop him in the stroller and power walk there. It’s been great for us. He gets to go out and I get to work out. Yes!


I’ve also been bike riding in the afternoons. Its a great stress reliever. Like a mini vacation. This puerto rico weather is perfect for bike riding, too!


I’ve also been doing serious cardio at home after I put AJ down. It takes a lot of dedication to be a single working mother trying to find the time to work out. You have to MAKE THE TIME or FIND IT WHERE YOU DONT HAVE IT! Eating clean is the most important part. Not only is it beneficial to my weight loss and training, but it will give AJ examples of healthy choices to make with food.

I recommend all mamas to get at least 15-20 minutes of a workout. And never forget that fitness is 80% nutrition so make the right choices.

My websites of preference are and Popsugar Fitness. Check them out and get started!

Lots of love from one fit mama to the next.


Don’t Put Off Living

I’m reposting this simply because I am guilty of it. For a long time, I’ve been known to want something so bad and look forward to it so much that I didn’t enjoy what I had in my face! When I lived in PR, I looked forward to moving back to RI so much, I missed out on a really great relationship. When I finally got to RI, I couldn’t wait to graduate and I missed out on the wonderful friends surrounding me. Lately, Ive been doing it again and its time for me to enjoy what I have now because it won’t last forever. Thank you Vincent for the virtual slap I needed Lol.

Vincent Egoro

Many of us believe that we will be happy once we achieve some specific goals that we have set for ourselves. Maybe the goal is getting a promotion at work, getting a new job, getting married, driving a nicer car, and so on. But too often, we discover that even after attaining those goals, we still aren’t happy with our lives. Dale Carnegie once wrote; “one of the most tragic things I know about the human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of engaging the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”

Let us not put off living today, and be like “the child who says ‘Someday when I am a big boy.’ The big boy says ‘Some day when I grow up.’ And then grown up he says ‘Someday when…

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Real raw

Tonight, I read a really awesome post from a favorite on Instagram and I followed suit and posted something similar. It was about the real moments of motherhood. Our society has become obsessed with depicting this image of a perfect, happy family that its bringing down those moms who are struggling. I’ve been there before where I feel like I’m the only mom going through a hard time.

As mother, we know how difficult our lives can be and the support we desperately crave. So I say we stand up and show motherhood as it really is. Real. Raw. Truth.


Imperfect moments like these where our children can find no peace and you are nearly pulling out your hair from the screams. The moments where they aren’t blissfully smiling or laughing or wearing adorable outfits.


I stress out. I cry. I ask God a million questions. I am human. I am mother. I am woman. Scars mark my body from pregnancy and change. My hair isn’t always up to par. I never have it all together. I want to present myself here before everyone to say: It’s nowhere near perfect but there’s love all around!

To that mama who’s breastfeeding woes are too much: stay strong! I’ve been there! AJ didn’t latch on for months!

To the single parent: YOU CAN DO THIS. I’m certainly working at it. You will make it.

To those who, like me, cant afford the hip clothes babies and everyone is wearing: Its going to be alright because at the end of it all, our children wont remember those leather moccasins or the filtered Instagram pictures. They’ll remember your smile and that is totally free.

Let’s go back to real, raw, unedited, unfiltered, uncut moments that show motherhood IS and always WILL BE a superpower.




It changes everything.

A few nights ago, I was on the phone with a really great friend of mine and we were discussing children. He doesn’t have any yet and has plans to have a huge family. I told him everything changes after the first one.

When I was pregnant, my ex and I discussed how much we wanted to expand our family. I’ve always wanted a big family and he came from a small one so naturally I thought we would agree to have lots of kids. He told me to be realistic and settle for two, three max.

Now, I’ll never admit this to him but…he’s sort of right. It is so much harder to provide for our families nowadays and having a huge bunch heading off to college can be pretty scary. After having AJ and learning just how much goes to one person, I’ve really opened my eyes. If I don’t have the means to provide for a big family, why bring them all to this Earth to suffer or feel at a disadvantage?

I feel comfortable with AJ. Thats all I can handle right now. He needs 100% of my love, affection and attention. Giving him that is so much more valuable to me. Someday, when I remarry and feel 100% stable, then I will want to expand. For now? Its just us, baby.