Real raw

Tonight, I read a really awesome post from a favorite on Instagram and I followed suit and posted something similar. It was about the real moments of motherhood. Our society has become obsessed with depicting this image of a perfect, happy family that its bringing down those moms who are struggling. I’ve been there before where I feel like I’m the only mom going through a hard time.

As mother, we know how difficult our lives can be and the support we desperately crave. So I say we stand up and show motherhood as it really is. Real. Raw. Truth.


Imperfect moments like these where our children can find no peace and you are nearly pulling out your hair from the screams. The moments where they aren’t blissfully smiling or laughing or wearing adorable outfits.


I stress out. I cry. I ask God a million questions. I am human. I am mother. I am woman. Scars mark my body from pregnancy and change. My hair isn’t always up to par. I never have it all together. I want to present myself here before everyone to say: It’s nowhere near perfect but there’s love all around!

To that mama who’s breastfeeding woes are too much: stay strong! I’ve been there! AJ didn’t latch on for months!

To the single parent: YOU CAN DO THIS. I’m certainly working at it. You will make it.

To those who, like me, cant afford the hip clothes babies and everyone is wearing: Its going to be alright because at the end of it all, our children wont remember those leather moccasins or the filtered Instagram pictures. They’ll remember your smile and that is totally free.

Let’s go back to real, raw, unedited, unfiltered, uncut moments that show motherhood IS and always WILL BE a superpower.





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