I’ve finally begun working out and eating clean! Im beyond happy. Ive been wanting to make a change in myself for a long time and I’m finally doing it.


I’ve been strapping AJ to his Moby Wrap and walking to work sometimes or I pop him in the stroller and power walk there. It’s been great for us. He gets to go out and I get to work out. Yes!


I’ve also been bike riding in the afternoons. Its a great stress reliever. Like a mini vacation. This puerto rico weather is perfect for bike riding, too!


I’ve also been doing serious cardio at home after I put AJ down. It takes a lot of dedication to be a single working mother trying to find the time to work out. You have to MAKE THE TIME or FIND IT WHERE YOU DONT HAVE IT! Eating clean is the most important part. Not only is it beneficial to my weight loss and training, but it will give AJ examples of healthy choices to make with food.

I recommend all mamas to get at least 15-20 minutes of a workout. And never forget that fitness is 80% nutrition so make the right choices.

My websites of preference are and Popsugar Fitness. Check them out and get started!

Lots of love from one fit mama to the next.



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