I have officially started school this week! I’m so excited to go back to school again. I’m loving it so far. I’m meeting great people and learning so much.

Needless to say, AJ is not so thrilled. He’s been extremely cranky and making my mother’s life miserable while I’m in class. I’m still trying to figure out what to do about it lol




It’s only the first week and I can see how hard it’s going to be. Balancing mama duties with school and work is not going to be easy at all but Im facing this headfirst. I am so determined to accomplish all my dreams. Nothing will stop me. I’m happy with this blessing and all the other blessings I am receiving. I plan on taking full advantage of this situation before its gone.

I want my fellow mamas out there to know that people will make you feel as if your life is over if youre a young mother. THOSE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. Life has just begun! I can still work, go to school, hang with my friends, be in a relationship, travel and be a GREAT MOTHER. Its about wanting it and achieving it through balance.

Someday, my son won’t be cranky anymore and it will get easier. Someday, I will graduate and have more time for AJ. Someday, my income will be greater. Someday, my son is going to admire my achievements because I made it when everyone doubted me.

Stand strong, mamas. Our babies are counting on us.



Love my monkey. All I do is for him.


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