Late night thoughts…

Hello to all my lovely neglected followers:

Just a few thoughts before bed:
I want to say how happy I am to see my friends and family happy. It warms my heart to see them graduating from college this year, helping their children blossom into amazing human beings and finding themselves along the way.

Sometimes I become intimidated and I feel bad because I’m only halfway through college or because I don’t have the time to teach AJ and play with him. I sometimes blame myself because he wont walk! But I try not to think that way because I know it isn’t easy to work two jobs, be a student and be a single mom.

AJ, honey, someday you’ll read this and I want you to know everything I do is a temporary sacrifice for your well-being. I may not have the time to teach you colors or take you to a park right now. I may not have my own place or a decent salary. But Someday I will and I will do everything in my power to make you so happy. I love you so much and we’re going to be just fine.

Signing off, Mama V.




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