Thoughts at midnight

I used to be submissive.
I used to settle.

Now, I struggle with myself because I don’t want to submit. I don’t want to settle.

Why should I?

I am capable of so many things. If I should struggle, why not struggle on my own? Why struggle with you?


What can you offer my son that I cannot?

What can you bring to this team?

If the answer is nothing, if the answer is remotely selfish, you have no business here. The only love allowed here is UNCONDITIONAL. Deal-breaker.

I will wait as long I need to.
I will be self-sufficient and self-actualizing.

We all need a partner, not a burden.

Are you ready?


A whole lot of woman with immense potential, deserving of the moon, the stars and a constantly self-actualizing individual.

P.S. A wise person once told me you cant do better once you’ve had the best. You’ve got something to prove because I’ve seen best.


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