May 8 – Field Day

Today, my sister’s school had a field day. It’s day where the school doesn’t have class and instead they plan outdoor activities for all the students and their families. It’s lots of fun. My mother & I love getting into the spirit of things so we bought Field Day shirts to match the students and I bought AJ some sporty clothes! He was mega adorable.


Why are T-shirts so unflattering?! Lol

AJ had never been to a park/field nor is he ever around other kids so seeing ALL the kids on the field, surrounded by grass, THRILLED him. We literally had the stroller around for nothing. He wanted to chase after kids and enjoy his freedom. & hang out with my mom! Lol!


Now, AJ doesn’t walk on his own. He CAN but he wont. He doesn’t trust himself enough to do it. Today was a different story. ALL he wanted was to walk around on his own. It was amazing.

We had so much fun cheering for my sister while she danced and competed in outdoor games. I chased after AJ all day and we played in the grass for a little while too. It was great to see him so happy.

In the two hours we were there, we even got a little tan!



As Field day was coming to a close, it began to rain so we packed up and AJ went with my mom so I could head to class.


Today just makes me want to take AJ to the park more often & Im definitely going to try and make that happen this summer. I want us to have outdoor time and not be stuck inside. NEW GOAL! Lol

After a great morning/afternoon, I had to finish a psychological portfolio which took me hours to do. I didn’t like being away from AJ after all that fun but I know its a bittersweet sacrifice for him. He will always be my motivation.

Signing off…..

Xoxo Vannessa



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