Here I Am

To my heart-broken single mothers:
I have been there. It feels like your world is crumbling around you as you realize your relationship failed. You find yourself thinking at times how your son won’t have a father to play catch with or your daughter won’t have daddy teach her to dance. He says he’ll be there for your child, and your heart clings to that hope, but the realist in you doesn’t see it happening. What will you say when your baby grows and asks ” Where my dad?”
I have been there. I’ve cried and questioned it all. Where did I go wrong? What were my mistakes? Is it even my fault? There are no justifications or answers because it simply wasn’t meant to be, wasn’t your life to live.

I am single mother. At first, forcefully and now by choice. This is an experience that cannot be expressed, can never be explained & you will never prepare for. But because of it, I can assure you of one thing. Despite a missing parent, God blesses single parent homes with immense love, an amount that could not possibly fit with both parents. You don’t have to believe me but someday, you’re going to sit, smile & thank Him for your steps in life. Nothing is coincidental, everything is constructed for you.
Never doubt yourself and what you can do. You can be more than enough for your babies. They have a heavenly father watching over them every second & he places wonderful souls strategically to fill in the gaps. Someone to play catch with, someone to teach them to dance, someone to conquer the stings of loneliness. Worry not, beautiful mama.

For I have been there but now, still standing, I am here.