I’ve pretty much failed this blog LOL. Seriously though, I’ve been having so much fun with AJ lately and learning to live in the moment instead of capturing it. We’ve all gotten caught up with social networks and are guilty of trying to get a perfect picture instead of enjoying the memory currently being made!

So, forgive me for being a ghost. I’m enjoying my son as much as I can because he’s growing so fast and I don’t wanna miss a thing.

I personally love pictures. If you must, take one then drop the phone and have fun.

Here are some pictures of AJ recently. Beginning to enjoy his first summer. I have to say this is my favorite age so far. He’s very independent but also understands a lot of what’s going on around him and most of what is being said. This makes things so much fun!

He’s learning his ABCs and body parts. Still not eating any food but is making progress with crunchy snacks and yogurt drops that resemble candy. Baby steps, I guess. From what I notice, it doesn’t seem to be affecting his growth or development so I’m trying not to let it stress me.

He loves cars and really enjoys helping his grandparents in the kitchen. I think I fall in love with him everyday. He’s a gem.









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