SAHM vs Work

Before having a child, I didn’t realize how much of the population works from home or just stays at home with their children. I thought it was a thing of the past & was actually quite thrilled to do it with my AJ once he was born. I envisioned activities, reading, playing, everything done with the ease of my own schedule. AJ would be so happy to have me around rather than some sitter and I would be a wonderful mother who wouldn’t have to worry. Sounds perfect, right?

Surprise! I embarked on the journey of single motherhood. Staying at home was definitely going to be a challenge now. I began my endless hunt for a SAH job so I could provide and nurture my chicky all on my own. Eventually, I started working for my mother and take it from me: it is difficult to work AND nurture simultaneously.

Don’t get me wrong now. AJ is a gem. He entertains himself mostly. Doesn’t really ask for anything. He’ll starve and drown in feces if I don’t remember to take care of it for him because he WON’T say anything. It’s simply a matter of dividing myself in two (or three) worlds. It feels as if I’m doing a half-ass job on all ends.

When I started school up again (on campus) shortly after AJs first birthday, I made a stunning realization. I was a much better mother, student and employee! The ability to divide my time (time for AJ, time for work, time for school) made things so much better for me. I found myself more productive and much happier in every aspect.

At first, I felt bad. What kind of mother doesn’t want to stay home with her baby ALL DAY?! This is me telling you: DON’T feel bad. Some mothers were made to stay home, plan educational, fun activities and nurture 100%. Others can balance the work-home situation with a laptop in one hand & a breastfeeding babe in the other. And then there are those (like myself) who need separate spaces for everything: an office for work, a home for play, a park for exercise, a campus to study. I can sit down and practice the alphabet with AJ without thinking that I should study or check my email. It works for me. Also, AJ & I were bored to tears staring at each other ALL DAY. He likes to socialize & I like to feel productive so the change of pace throughout the day benefited both of us.

Mamas and Papas, do what works for you. Figure out what makes you and your babes happy & DO IT. Who cares what other people are doing? I’m currently at school where I don’t have to worry if AJ is sticking his finger into an outlet or a customer is waiting on me to finish this blog post. My divided time gives me room to breathe & I need that.

Signing off: whether it’s staying at home or working, your babies will love you. The important factor is having something comfortable for YOU. Your family will be affected if you’re unhappy with your job or unhappy at home. What makes you a better mom/dad?